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Sponsor the IV World Plastic Connection Summit, the largest ecosystem driving the internationalization of the Brazilian plastics sector. Promote your brand to decision and opinion-makers in Brazil and around the world. Be present at an innovative event that launches trends and positions Brazil at the global forefront.

The World Plastic Connection Summit is a transformative event that promotes internationalization, innovation, design and sustainability in the Brazilian plastics industry.

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Why sponsor?

The World Plastic Connection Summit has shown impressive and consistent growth since its creation, consolidating itself as an essential platform for internationalization, innovation and sustainability in the plastics sector. Between 2021 and 2023, the event not only overcame challenges, but also reached new heights of success, becoming an unmissable opportunity for companies seeking visibility and global impact. With growing participation, media recognition and robust commercial results, the Summit is positioned as an ideal platform for companies wishing to expand their influence and impact in the plastics sector.


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  • Global reach: ensure your brand’s visibility in more than 100 countries, standing out among a diverse international audience.
  • Continued growth: with a significant annual increase in participation and engagement, the Summit demonstrates its growing relevance.
  • Commercial results: the event generates millions of dollars in closed and expected business, guaranteeing a substantial return on investment.
  • Recognition: the awards increase the visibility and prestige of the sponsoring companies.
  • Networking and learning: the event provides unique opportunities for learning and networking, including lectures, export clinics and technical visits with industry leaders.
  • Media impact: gain visibility with extensive national and international media coverage.
  • Leadership in the sector: position your company on issues such as innovation, design and sustainability.
  • Access to trends: promote valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the plastics sector.
  • ESG: reinforce your commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Marketing opportunities: get access to various marketing and visibility opportunities for your brand.
  • Return on investment: strengthen your company’s position in the global market and increase business opportunities.


Significant growth in participation and global reach

The number of accesses to the World Plastic Connection Summit platform grew from 13,000 in 2021 to 14,000 in 2022, and reached 22,000 in 2023. This 57% increase in a single year is evidence of the growing interest and engagement with the event. In addition, international participation expanded significantly, from 54 countries in 2021 to 67 in 2022 and reaching 101 countries in 2023, a growth of more than 50%. This global reach reinforces the event’s ability to attract a diverse and influential audience.


Economic and commercial impact

The commercial results of the World Plastic Connection Summit are also remarkable. In 2021, closed deals totaled US$250,000, while in 2022 this figure rose to US$3.061 million. In 2023, deals closed reached US$4.8 million, representing a 57% increase on the previous year. Projections for the next 12 months are also impressive, with an increase of 15%, reaching US$ 36.5 million. These figures underline the Summit’s effectiveness in generating real and substantial commercial opportunities for participants.


Expansion of face-to-face and corporate participation

The number of attendees has also grown significantly. In 2022, the Summit had 577 face-to-face visitors, and in 2023 this figure almost doubled to 1,084. This 87% increase highlights the growing importance of the event as a physical meeting point for the industry. The number of companies followed a similar trajectory, rising from 164 in 2021 to 317 in 2022 and reaching 467 in 2023, a continuous growth that reflects companies’ growing interest in participating and benefiting from the opportunities offered by the Summit.


Media visibility and recognition

Media coverage has also expanded dramatically, with the number of publications about the event jumping from 39 in 2021 to 72 in 2022, and an impressive 228 in 2023. This 216% increase highlights the growing attention and recognition the Summit is receiving globally, directly benefiting sponsors with greater visibility and exposure.



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Previous editions

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Record results from the last edition (2023)

121 companies
930 meetings
31 international buyers

US$ 4.8 million

in business generated during the event

US$ 37.5 million

in expected results over the following 12 months

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II World Plastic Connection Summit

The first hybrid edition of the event

US$ 3,.06 millions

in business generated during the event

US$ 31.695 million

in expectation of results in the following 12 months

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I World Plastic Connection Summit

First online-only edition of the event

US$ 250.000

in business generated during the event

US$ 3.12 million

in expectation of results in the following 12 months

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