Color Trend 2022

Consultant and creative director of several national and international projects, Walter Rodrigues is the curator of the first edition of the Color Trend. He developed a specific methodology for the converted plastics market after interviews with Brazilian companies participating in the Think Plastic Brazil program.

Curator of the 2022 edition

Walter Rodrigues

As a designer, Walter Rodrigues has dressed several Brazilian celebrities as brides, putting on unforgettable shows at Phytoervas Fashion, SPFW, Fashion Rio and Paris Fashion Week. But he got tired of the madness of having to sell, of making the wheel turn and, in 2012, decided to dedicate himself solely to research. He started in the fashion world in 1983, as a stylist for Manequim magazine, published by Abril. He worked for photographer Miro and stylist Clô Orozco, of the Huis Clos brand, who died in 2013.

Even before he closed his label for good, Walter was working for Assintecal (Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods), as a consultant in the area of design and product. Today he is the coordinator of Inspiramais’ Design and Research Center, a consultant for the By Brasil Institute, and curator of the Focus Design Vision Project of the Focus Institute, which aims to develop sustainability among students at Brazilian fashion schools.

“It’s the first time I’ve taken a project into people’s homes and into a variety of products, from housewares to toys. I was delighted with the possibilities.”

Walter Rodrigues
Consultant and Creative Director

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International diffusion

All editions of Color Trend are promoted at the sector’s main international events, which are part of the Think Plastic Brazil calendar.

In addition to the Brazilian booths always being developed in the colors of the study, various promotional initiatives are also carried out with different stakeholders.

Check out some initiatives to promote the 2022 edition.

  • Mais 140 books distributed among member companies
  • Presence of the books and Brazilian products developed with the colors of the study in events supported by Think Plastic Brazil in 2023: Ambiente, The Inspired Home Show, Interpack, Expo Ferretera, Pack Expo Las Vegas, an event held by ApexBrasil in Las Vegas and Envase
  • Dissemination of content by 119 SECOMs worldwide
  • Distribution of more than 50 books to opinion-makers
  • Delivery of units to authorities such as the Brazilian Ambassador in Buenos Aires
  • Color of the Month campaign with a color for each month of the year
  • 60 books sent to key stakeholders in the sector
  • Mais 1440 publications on social networks, 198 mentions in newspapers and magazines and 101 success stories

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Renowned professionals as curators

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Face-to-face participants in the presentation

Discover four reasons why Brazilian companies use Color Trend in the development of their products and their international diffusion.


Inspiration from some of the biggest names in creativity and design in Brazil.


Global prominence for your products in showcases and stands at the world's major events

Differentiation and innovation

Products development with 100% national DNA


Be noted by main global opinion-makers in the converted plastics market


Find out more about the World Plastic Connection Summit and the eight projects that are part of the ecosystem.

The World Plastic Connection Summit emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to the need to create an internationalization ecosystem that would allow access to foreign markets in an innovative way. After all, during this period, it became clear that companies needed new channels and platforms to overcome barriers to trade and communication. In this way, the event was conceived to be the epicenter of growth and development strategies for Brazil’s plastics industry through an integrated set of projects and initiatives.


More than simply generating business, the World Plastic Connection Summit seeks to create an environment in which innovation, design and sustainable practices are debated, developed and disseminated. The agenda aims not only to highlight companies that are investing in internationalization, but also to position Brazil as a global leader.

The World Plastic Connection Summit has positioned itself as an innovative ecosystem, with eight differentiated projects, capable of providing companies with networking, commercial promotion, business, image, information and training activities, among others. The event has the unique ability to integrate all segments of the plastics production chain: from the extraction and production of raw materials to the transformation of these inputs into end products.


In addition, the program covers the entire market, involving retailers, industries, distributors, and both local and international buyers, creating a diverse environment for exchange and collaboration. Also, important is the attention paid to the end of the life cycle of plastic products, promoting conscious disposal practices and effective recycling and treatment strategies.


This holistic approach not only strengthens business connections, but also emphasizes environmental responsibility, positioning ESG debates at the forefront of the global plastics industry.


The World Plastic Connection Summit ecosystem was created to address different aspects of the industry and is divided into eight independent projects that complement each other within the program.


International Award

This award is a way of recognizing and valuing industries in the sector that are excelling in the internationalization process. It seeks to encourage competitiveness in both local and global markets, serving as recognition of achievements and as motivation for continued investment in practices that support international expansion.


Hybrid International Seminar

The technical seminar takes place in a hybrid format, offering simultaneous translation to reach a global audience. This event brings together world-renowned professionals to discuss topics such as innovation, market trends, sustainability, ESG and design. It is a platform for exchanging knowledge and best practices, providing valuable insights for all links in the plastics chain.


Buyers Project International Show

An initiative that brings potential international buyers to Brazil, covering all expenses, so that they can meet directly with member companies. This project is a showcase for Brazil’s export capabilities and facilitates direct and effective negotiations.


Color Trend

A color trend book that reflects Brazil’s cultural and natural diversity. The project aims to position Brazil as a global trendsetter, using colors as a competitive edge in the sales strategies of Brazilian companies.


International Yearbook

A yearbook highlighting the sector’s main developments and successes, distributed internationally through a vast network of SECOMs, embassies and consulates. The Yearbook is a crucial tool for showing the world the potential and readiness of the Brazilian plastics sector to meet global demands.


Consulting Clinics

Consulting clinics that offer support during business rounds, helping to resolve issues that may arise in the internationalization process. This support is vital to ensure that negotiations are successful and companies can successfully navigate the complex international trade environment.


Image Promotion

A project focused on improving the image of the Brazilian plastics sector globally by bringing international journalists to experience the innovation and commitment to sustainability of Brazilian companies up close. This project is essential for communicating the values and quality of Brazilian plastics to a wider audience.


Technical Visits

Technical visits organized for international buyers to the facilities of Brazilian companies, allowing them to personally validate quality and production processes. These visits are essential for building trust and consolidating commercial relations.

Produced by Think Plastic Brazil, Color Trend is an international guide focused on and researched from a Brazilian perspective, with total dedication to the converted plastics industry. Produced in three languages, it brings the complete chart that guides the sector in the year following its publication.


The study is signed annually by big names in Brazilian design, always with a focus on Brazil’s culture and innovative potential. Previous editions have been signed by Walter Rodrigues (2022), Alexandre Herchcovitch (2023), Jum Nakao (2024) and Gabriela de Matos (2025).

The World Plastic Connection Summit has shown impressive and consistent growth since its creation, consolidating itself as an essential platform for internationalization, innovation and sustainability in the plastics sector. Between 2021 and 2023, the event not only overcame challenges, but also reached new heights of success, becoming an unmissable opportunity for companies seeking visibility and global impact.


Investing in this ecosystem offers a number of strategic advantages. The event provides global visibility, connects sponsors to an international network of leaders and innovators, and demonstrates a commitment to innovation and sustainability. With growing participation, media recognition and robust commercial results, the Summit is positioned as an ideal platform for companies wishing to expand their influence and impact in the plastics sector.

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Other editions

Released annually since 2020, presenting the trends of 2021, Color Trend brings unique and timeless perspectives on Brazilian culture. Click on the links below to see the other editions produced and signed by Alexandre Herchcovitch (2023), Jum Nakao (2024) and Gabriela de Matos (2025).